i’m pretty busy right now so i can’t post about anything (specifically the 5 remaining reasons why marko should post a link to my blog) but i’ll try to do this tonight or tomorrow. otherwise life has been busy because:

  • pam finishes the final draft of her dissertation today – pam is not to be bothered and therefore i’m running interference with the boys.
  • yesterday the mall of america took forever – same as every other mall in america (i.e. boring) only bigger (and thus even more boring). still it was a fun day with the family.
  • i’m feeling in for another church planter in appleton, wisconsin (an hour away from home) and so i’m busy with prepping for that.
  • went to a salvation army church today – it’s not hard to guess who the visitor is when there are 10 people in the room.

i’ll write more later. now i have to continue figuring out what to do with a group of 15 people that i have never had any contact with. it’s hard to be “relational” when there’s no relationship there.

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  1. I did not care for the mall of america either. In fact i hate all malls. as long as there is a brookstone or sharper image i can usually entertain myself until jill finishes her shopping (i.e. great massage chairs). Did they still have the NASCAR simulator?

  2. sorry i forgot to say, i do like minneapolis though. it is a pretty neat city. i have been to a timberwolves game there and a vikings game. pretty fun stuff.

  3. We wish Pam luck on finishing the edits! Jim told me that she had hardly any time to incoporate the changes. She is blessed to have you running interference for her!!

  4. hey stephen – not your fault that you didn’t know who the 15 were because i didn’t reference them very well. the 15 people were the core group for the other church plant that i “filled in” for last night. it turned out to be more like 8.

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