parkview has a new one

from what i’ve been told by people i love in baton rouge parkview has a new youth minister. i don’t know the guy but i love and respect the people on the youth minister search committee and therefore i’m sure that he must be a great guy for them to have settled on him. anyhow, back in november i posted concerning how i would greet the new youth minister and just in case there is anyone from parkview who still reads this blog (i usually bore people away from the blog within a few weeks so i doubt that anyone has stuck with it) i thought i would repost a link to it. good times are ahead for the youth ministry of parkview. join the new youth minister in realizing how the kingdom of GOD can be lived out in baton rouge.

here’s the post.

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  1. We are still here following, although from a longer way away than once thought we would be.

    Alisha will get a chance to meet him this summer. Maybe she can talk with him sharing her missionary life with the group.

  2. Those are great tips for missionaries too!

    We deal with more than 38 churches coming 3-5 times each a year, with up to 100 Short-Term Missionaries (college age) in addition throughout the year. Sometimes they forget how things like detergent, water, and electricity to wash clothes end up costing a missionary with an open door policy! 🙂

  3. @jwin: no that’s a good thing. it’s something i couldn’t have pulled off but maybe the new guy can and that may reach new people. btw, who are you. i’m trying to figure it out from “jwin”

    @arnold: i bet that would get a little costly. don’t worry when we are able to come we’ll just go without washing clothes :).

  4. Yuck!!! Don’t worry Arnold…. we’ll pitch in on the detergent. I wouldn’t want your visit with the Terrell family to be a stinky experience.

    And no Robert…you haven’t bored us away. We’re still here praying along side of you and your family.

  5. no MR Arnold don’t bathe and don’t was cloths, mess with Robert for me he deserves it for before he left he chased me with plyers saying let me pull your nose hairs!!!!!it won’t hurt Jo Nathan here I’ll pull one of mine then would you let me, ” robert ouch that hurt”

  6. @angie: you’re still reading this thing? i’m amazed. usually people get bored much more quickly. thanks for the prayers. we need them. since you won’t come if we leave the place stinky i’ll make a compromise. we’ll bring our own detergent. we may not use it but we’ll at least have it.

    @johny: back off boy. i still have those pliers and i’m not afraid to use them.

  7. It will never be the same! I’m not sure if he is like you at all–although I know you 2 would have been a perfect team and you would love him. Within 5 minutes, I knew he was a good fit for the kids and Jessica. Hope you 2 get to meet. He starts on the 30th!
    @Arnold–he will love to have Alisha speak—besides I think majority would rule on that one!! Give Suz a hug for me!

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