the things you don't think about

i’m beginning to learn how thankful i should have been for the infrastructure that was already established within the churches that i have previously worked at. i had just assumed a great number of things. at the established churches that i had worked at making copies was never an issue. i might have to choose between black and white or color copies but i never had to worry about the cost of copies. it was just an assumed thing. or ink. i never had to think about “how much ink will this take and how much will it cost me” every year when i plan the budget for the youth ministry i never had to account for ink. of course, that’s no longer true. the same goes for a great deal of other things such as, staples, envelopes, note cards, pens, etc. it’s amazing all the small thing that you start to miss when you no longer have access to them. last week i would have given up an arm or one of my sons for a paper cutter.

this is one of those things that makes me laugh when some pastors i meet say that while they have never planting a church from scratch they basically know what it’s like because they had to restart a church from having almost died. when i hear that i laugh a little.

anyway, does anyone have a paper cutter that they don’t need anymore? i would gladly pay for shipping. it beats losing an arm or a child (i need the children for raking the yard).

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  1. And considering the financial need you need the kiddos for tax benefits!

    I’ll be praying for you – And my God shall supply all your needs according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. (Phil 4:19)

  2. Here on the mission field, I know exactly what you mean Robert. One objective I’ve had is to remove financial hinderances to church reproduction. That doesn’t mean having enough money to do everything, but rather doing everything in a way that doesn’t depend on money.

    As I plant and help plant churches in rural, poor communities, I can’t use a method that isn’t reproducable. No church buildings, projectors, bulletins, sound systems, seminary degree requirements (secondary education requirements), cars, vans, xerox copies of stuff, or paper cutters.

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