i today tried to complete some of the pre-reading for my next d.min seminar at nobts. if you watch a couple of seconds of the above video you will instantly know why i wasn’t very successful. emy j’s is normally a great place to study. there’s a constant flow of traffic but the volume level  is very acceptable. today for some reason there was a group there that needed to shout in order to speak. i use the word speak instead of communicate because i pretty sure that none of them were actually listening but all over them we definitely talking. i was sitting at the same table as andy lickel (the iv campus minister) who was trying to study also. we both gave up pretty quickly.

SIDE NOTE – this is for my baton rouge friends – saturday night pam and i ate supper with a couple of other ninth grade parents while adam and their kids ate dinner before their formal dance. one of the dads could be dino rizzo’s separated at birth twin brother. here’s a photo.

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