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i’m a little tired from the past two days but i thought i would post of a few photos of some of the reasons i love central wisconsin. the above is from fishing with andy lickel friday in richland county. we weren’t doing any serious fishing but merely trying to scope out some new locations. we found several good spots that i will be returning to. i hesitated posting the above photo because i was informed by debbie that the fish was too small. 😉

the photos below are from one of the many reasons i love point. they are from thursday with people camping out in front of belt’s ice cream. belt’s closes for the winter and then opens up on the first weekend of march. every year people camp in front of belt’s just to be there first when it opens up. everyone at tapestry loves it when people are passionate about something (we can kind of relate) so mike p and i thought it would be fun to bring everyone emy j’s coffee to keep them warm.

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SIDE NOTE – i’m pretty pumped about the two people who are speaking at tapestry over then next two weeks. mike p is speaking this week and perry polnaszek is speaking next week. both of them are great passionate guys. mike is one of out own and perry is a friend (and also the founder of touched twice united). the only thing i am sad about is that i won’t get to hear perry.

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