march snow

heck of a snow storm that came upon point tonight. the roads were so bad that i was surprised that we had anyone at tapestry tonight. friday i was walking around in a sweatshirt on bare grass fishing and tonight i had to blow around 5” of snow out of my driveway. wisconsin late winter weather is freaky.

two photos to give you a little feel for the change in weather.





SIDE NOTE – today matthew c introduced me and my boys to the michael gungor band. pretty good music. it’s kind of fun when my pre-teen and teenage boys hear music coming from my computer and say “that’s pretty good stuff dad. can you add that to my ipod?” of course, i responded by laughing in their faces and saying no. 😉

SIDE SIDE NOTE – found stripgenerator on lifehacker today and while i’m not yet sure how i will use it within a tapestry worship gathering i do know that i will most definitely use it.


SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – we arrived at washington elementary school this afternoon to be surprised with 15 stationary bikes on the stage. we don’t use the stage (everything is done on the floor) but we do keep our stuff on it and place our projector there for rear projection. this meant we had to move all the stationary bikes. no big deal. talked to gary, the janitor, and the bikes will be there for the next month. this of course means that i am going to have to work in a way to do one whole message while riding on one of the stationary bikes. i’ll be finishing amos in the next 3 weeks. anybody have any ideas for a stationary bike connecting with amos 6-9?

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