sunday @ tapestry

i want to let all my fellow tapestrites know that perry polnaszek is speaking at tapestry sunday night. perry is the planter and pastor of fellowship church in chippewa falls as well as the co-founder of touched twice united (a very cool ministry opportunity that we at tapestry will have a chance to be a part of later). perry has JESUS all over him. if you are in point this weekend i would highly encourage you to come hear perry. in fact, i’m a little jealous that i won’t get to hear him.

SIDE NOTE – if you’re interested in joining a ncaa basketball tournament bracket now is the time to do it. tapestry’s bracket can be found facebook. just go to my profile, if we’re not friends already then send me a friend request, and then look on my profile sidebar. or let me know and i’ll send you an invite.

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