clive's adventure

clive's adventure from 2007

i have a gnome friend, his name is clive. he joined the terrell household while we were living in baton rouge. when i announced to parkview that i was leaving to move up to wisconsin to plant a church eric landy, one of the teens in the youth ministry, stole clive and took him on a little adventure. he drove clive around baton rouge and took pictures of clive doing pretty typical baton rouge things (like going to death valley, visiting the state capitol, visiting the art center, eating at cane’s, or seeing the mississippi river). i’ve been meaning to post the photos for a year and a half and i finally got around to it.

clive's adventure from 2007clive's adventure from 2007

SIDE NOTE – we arrived in alabama, said hi to my parents, went to sleep, and then went to eat mexican food – mhmmmm. during the dinner conversation i found out that my mom likes reading grant’s blog better than mine. this hurts.

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