6 Replies to “pushing my mother over the edge”

  1. I’m really humbled to be accepting this award. I mean…really…it is a joy to even be nominated but to win is even better.

    Robert – just remember even though she loves my blog more than yours, she loves YOU more than me.

    I’ll be signing autographs over at grantenglish.com (Which I am now thinking about changing my domain name to –

  2. Grant, Robert has a “wicked” sense of humor he inherited from his father. As everyone in my world knows I am batty about both my boys and their families an would never make the statement that some one does something better than they do. However, your blog has become a favorite read of mine. You put “heart and soul” on paper. Oh, it doesn’t hurt that you can spell better than he can either.

  3. Robert, without a doubt your mom does love YOU better than Grant. I understand that completely. No matter how his blog reads I will always be Grant’s fan.
    I like your mom’s way of expressing things — Especially that her son has a “wicked” sense of humor. I have much experience with that.
    It would seem we share other things….for example…being pushed over the edge!
    By the Way, I think Grant uses spell check!

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