she's a red squirrel

pam invented the greatest phrase today. the phrase is “she’s a red squirrel.”

it happened this way.

we love the squirrels in wisconsin. we have HUGE gray squirrels, which almost ever place has, but in addition to the grays we also have blacks squirrels and red squirrels. the black ones are a color variation of the typical gray squirrel. pam and i think they look like russian relatives of the gray squirrel. the red squirrels are about 1/3 the size of your typical gray squirrel. they are just a little bigger than a chipmunk. the red squirrels also are about the fastest things you have ever seen. they bounce all over the place. we all love watching them in the back yard. they run from one spot to the next and then back to their original spot. adam once described them as squirrels with attention deficit disorder junked up on speed. it’s a pretty accurate description.

anyhow pam was describing someone today that is a friend of hers. i’ve never met this lady so pam was giving me a brief run down of her personality. somewhere during her attempt she finally said “she’s a red squirrel.”

i instantly knew what pam’s friend was like. i can’t wait to get back to wisconsin and use this phrase.

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