upcoming seminars

i’m pretty pumped about two conferences that i will be going to this year. the two conferences are:

  • q 2009 – april 27-29 – q is an intriguing way to do a convention. get a lot of great presenters to address some of the most amazing questions of our present situation. then encourage as much discussion on those subjects as possible at the convention. this year it involves alan hirsch, chris seay, john burke, and more. it is going to be great.
  • 2009 theological conversation – september 9-11 – this is the yearly emergent village convention. some people love emergent village and some people hate it. i’m probably in the middle. the reason i am going to this year’s theological conversation is because it will be led by jürgen moltmann. enough said. dr. moltmann is amazing. i first read his stuff in seminary (1992-94) and have loved him since then. four sessions with dr. moltmann! this will be incredible.

btw, if anyone is going to be in austin (q 2009) or chicago (theological conversation) for those two conferences i would be very interested in grabbing a room with you.

SIDE NOTE – i was driving to emy j’s coffee today and saw this car on fire from a three car collision that had happened moments before. i stopped to make sure everyone was okay and left when the police officers arrived an started shooing people away (they had this brilliant idea that it would probably be wise to move people away from the gasoline containing vehicles that were on fire and might explode – not sure why we were all comfortable standing 40’ away from this). anyhow, there were injuries but the officer believed that everyone was going to be okay.

i’ve seen vehicles catch on fire before but never actually as a result of an accident until today.

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