touched twice united

Perry Describes TTU from Robert Terrell on Vimeo.

disclaimer – i’m on the board of touched twice united so my opinion is slightly biased – of course, it is actually one of the most amazing opportunities you and your church will ever have.

ok, i’ve done my disclaimer now i can speak freely. TOUCHED TWICE UNITED IS AMAZING! it really is a cool way of doing GOD-things.

basically ttu is a way of getting churches, community organizations, and community leaders to work together to help the weakest citizens in their counties. imagine combining a medical, dental, hearing, and vision clinic with any other service you can imagine (beauty salon, oil change service, etc.) and doing it with a $0 budget. that’s part of what touched twice is. churches work together to find people who are already wanting to help their community. the churches also look for ways that are already in their communities of meeting the needs that will be discovered. for example, hold as a part of a vision clinic touched twice gets the lions club involved – those lions love  working with the vision impaired – i know this because my dad used to sale the lions club brooms and lights door to door when he was a lion). another example in wisconsin is the fact that there are free dental supplies that the state will offer to any dentist doing charitable work. there are tons of ways of meeting needs that are already in our communities which are simply not very well known. you get all this together and then provide every person in need who shows up for a clinic an “advocate” who will help them to discover needs, determine what can be done, walk them through the process, and will pray with them.

it’s an amazing thing and did i mention that a touched twice clinic is usually done on a ZERO budget? this is why the national institute of health is interested in it (which should make jonathan wilmore happy). if you’re church is interested in learning more or doing one give me a ring, visit the website (the new one is which will be fully functional by may 1st), or even better yet contact perry polnaszek and let him tell you about ttu. as a group we have a goal of having a clinic in every county in the u.s of a by 2011. it’s a big goal but the clinics are really taking off – which is what usually happens with good ideas.

tapestry is going to be a part of doing one later this year and i’m pretty pumped about.

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