tech intern?

dnow 2005

i love taking care of the technical aspects of a worship service. i really enjoying trying to push the envelope of what we are presently doing. i tried doing a little of that during our discipleNOW. i stole an idea from the 2005 national youth workers’ convention and shot two images side by side on a super large screen. this enabled us to shot lyrics on one 9′ wide section of the screen and highway video vibe movies on the other 9′ section of the screen. we could then swap sides between video and lyrics at will. we also had the ability to shot half of an image from each projector and create an 18′ wide image all the way across the screen. i thought it was a cool backdrop.

of course, that’s the problem too. i love doing this stuff but i’m not the one who needs to be doing it. i have to start training and developing a tech team that can take these tasks over, set the up, and run them during an event. i have to find people who care about these things as much as i do. that’s the real issue. i have to find people who are convinced that the technical aspects of a worship service are incredibly important. i need people who are passionate about using technology to help people worship. it scares me to give up control of this but it has to be done because i need to be spending time with kids rather than making sure a cable is hooked up properly.

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