today the family and i went bowling with baaji & sam our two adopted indian college students. who knew that the bowling alley on a saturday afternoon was the place to meet people? i saw four or five people that i knew. pam and i really enjoy spending time with baaji and sam – they’re basically cool people.

speaking of our indian friends i thought i would bring up a new agency that i personally think is worthy of support. dalit is the indian word for the “untouchables” of india. the word itself means “broken ones” and it is a classification that the dalits have given to themselves. they represent approximately 16% of the population of india. they are the lowest of the low and are treated as such. the dalit freedom network is an organization that is working to improve the lives of the dalit and insure them the same opportunities that everyone else within indian society has. you can read more about the dalit and the dalit freedom network by clicking here.

SIDE NOTE – pam is howling once again. as i’ve said before – my wife is psychotic.

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