movie report

it’s a holiday weekend and therefore my family and i have indulged in the consumption of movies. here are my thoughts on what we have watched:

  • wednesday i watched “braveheart” for the umpteenth time and as usual it was great. i can’t believe that the yahoo summary of the critics’ reviews is only a “b+“.
  • thursday the boys and i watched “the incredibles” and i have said earlier in the blog it was great. the yahoo summary of the critics’ reviews is an “a-” which i definitely agree with (though i can’t believe it rated higher than “braveheart”).
  • friday the boys and i watched “robots“. i thought it was great. yahoo’s summary of the critic’s opinion is a “b+” and i would basically agree with that. it was well worth going to see and we’ll buy it when it comes out on dvd. “robots” has some very good themes in it such as following your dreams even when it cost you, discrimination, and an underlying possible discussion of plastic surgery (“why be you when you can be new”). then when you add robin williams to the mix it just gets better and better. if you were worried that you would just see “the genie” everytime you heard robin williams in the movie i think i can rest that fear. i didn’t think it was the same character at all.
  • pam and i watched “the forgotten” last night and it was stupid. based on its trailer i had high hopes for the movie. it did not live up to those hopes. yahoo’s summary of the critic’s reviews is a “c+“. i think it was probably more like a “c” at best.
  • tonight pam and i are going to watch “cellular“. i hope it’s good because i need something to was the bad aftertaste of “the forgotten” out of my head. i’ll post my thoughts on the movie later.

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