when i arrived home tonight my kids said “you’ve got to see this.” of course, i couldn’t see whatever it was right then because it was time to eat. so we waited and then the “you have got to see this” moment came up in conversation. after i hear what it was i said “i’ve got to see this.” here’s what it was. this afternoon pamela and the boys went walking to the park with montana. just for a lark adam asked his mother if he could try to get montana to pull him on his skateboard. so he grabbed the leash and let out all sixteen feet of it and then shouted for noah to run in front of montana and thus get her to chase him. montana shot off pulling adam behind her. she was a blazing blur of 1 foot high red fur with a screaming and smiling eleven year old dragging behind her. after supper i got to see it first hand and i want to testify that it was hilarious. who knew that basset hounds made such good sled dogs? i’ll try to post a picture of it here soon.

btw, noah, my youngest, has joined the blogosphere. here’s his blog.

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