rest easy

i know that some of you have been worried about my standing in our student ministry march madness bracket competition (wow that’s a mouthful). you’ve probably been having sleepless nights and anxiety attacks over the fact that i was second from the last. free not my friends. i have slowly started my climb back to the top. i’m presently ranked 6th out of 9 participants (an improvement of two spots) and my outlook is looking good. i feel a rally coming.

for those who are curious here are the present ranks (the ranks are below the white space – which i don’t understand why it is there i must have coded something wrong but i can’t figure it out. if you figure it out please email me or comment and tell me what to fix because it really bugs me. otherwise you can just use the white space to doodle on. go ahead. pick up a sharpie and draw something in the white space. do it right now.):

name score correct best score best correct
eddie hirst 212 34 247 36
stephen miller 206 35 220 36
sam jones 202 34 237 36
stephen ware 202 33 237 35
steven sparks 200 35 249 38
me 199 34 248 37
kevin lee 189 34 189 34
alan lusk 170 31 219 34
blake wallace 168 31 168 31

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