everybody likes free stuff

i like free stuff and therefore i was thrilled when earlier today i received an email stating that sermon cloud and church planting resources had partnered together to get us a few discounts and that one of those discounts was $20 off any audiobook at . for me this equaled a free audiobook (n.t. wright’skingdom, spirit & the people of GOD: eschatology and the church” – regular price – $24.98, sale price – $19.98, price after $20 coupon – $0). score!

just in case you are wondering what the coupon code is it’s CP20. by the way, they also have a 50% coupon (CPR50Y7M9)for highway video products (i love the vibe videos).

while i was there i also downloaded n.t. wright’s lecture “the JESUS of myth and history“. this lecture was free and it has been amazing thus far. i’ve especially enjoyed his discussion on JESUS statement to repent for the kingdom of heaven is at hand and the implications of josephus’s statement to jesus the galilean (a different ancient near eastern person) to “repent and believe in me.” since it is a free lecture i would highly recommend downloading and listening to it.

SIDE NOTE – yesterday i ate lunch with a local youth minister and it once again reminded my how wonderful youth ministry is. i’m real thankful for what i get to do now but i’ll always have a warm and fuzzy place in my heart for youth ministry. unfortunately the truth is our church won’t have a youth ministry for quite some time. so if any of the youth ministers who read this blog want to bring in a a fellow going through youth ministry d.t.’s i’m your man.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – i attended my first kiwanis club meeting today. it was pretty darn good. i went to the stevens point kiwanis today (i’ll attend the plover kiwanis next week). they meet at the stevens point country club which i wasn’t too thrilled about (i’m not a fan of country clubs) until i saw that they had a curling club. any place that has a curling club is okay with me.

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  1. “The Jesus of Myth and History” – loved it. Thanks for the info. Walking on the treadmill without good material is rather dull, so it made for a nice intersting morning. Though now it is starting to cool off a bit here. I think that I’ll take the walk outside.

    We all miss you and your family dearly. Thanks for blogging so consistently. You are in our prayers.

  2. thanks angie. we miss y’all too though i’ve been running and walking outside since we moved up here (the weather has been amazing). there is a good bit of free stuff on CHRISTaudio.com. all you have to do is snope around a little bit.

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