they must be scratching the bottom of the barrel

my blog on th ys update
i was thrilled today to find out that my blog was listed as the featured blog of the week on the ys update. the only problem with this is that it has officially lowered my opinion of youth specialties. as groucho marx once said:

i refuse to belong to any club that will accept me as a member.

by listing this blog ys has mistakenly shown how far the standards of youth specialties have slipped. for shame marko.

thanks to gerrard for pointing this whole situation out because i somehow missed it (i love the ys update and the ys student newsletter).

SIDE NOTE – yes i do know that today is international talk like a pirate day and therefore i should post something about it, BUT i refuse to. i have not liked pirates much since they raped and pillaged the community in which i was raised (which is saying something since that community was located 70-80 miles off the cost). i say down with pirates … up with ninjas.

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