i just need some quiet

pam and i consistently talk about whatever we are reading. sometimes that equals deep subjects and sometimes not so deep. last week pam started to re-read “anne of green gables” and she talked so much about the interesting spiritual aspects of the book that i decided i had to read it. here’s the problem. “anne of green gables” is definitely a chick book. that doesn’t completely throw me off. after all if a book or movie is truly good it doesn’t really matter if it is for chicks or not. of course, it does mean that i’ll have to be prepared for some decidedly feminine characteristics. that’s okay though because if the book is truly good then it will be worth it.

unfortunately pam didn’t prepare me for the characteristic of the main character that is now driving me crazy. the main character talks non-stop. i guess it’s a sign of good writing that i can completely picture what anne is like. yet the problem is that i feel worn out by her talking everytime i read a chapter. i actually have to go watch t.v. to get some piece and quite because the book is full of her talking fast and without cease.

SIDE NOTE – i went to student impact tonight and enjoyed it. thanks to everyone that i now know there.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – anyone want to guess who will probably be a police chaplain after next friday? thanks to a comment from al kinnunen i heard that stevens point is looking for a few additional chaplains for the police department. i called them up and i interview friday. woohoo! i think i might even get a badge! score!

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