living the bible

pagitt posted a link to an interview of a. j. jacobs and his one year book writing experiment to live all the rules found within the bible (“the year of living biblically“). the interview was great and the book looks interesting. i particularly liked jacobs answer to the question of which was the greater learning tool, the bible or the encyclopedia.

that’s a tough question. the bible project was a lot more difficult than the encyclopedia project. the bible affected every single part of my life, it affected the way i walked, the way i dressed, the way i hugged my wife, the way i ate. the year was the most extreme makeover of my life. in terms of which is the better learning tool, the encyclopedia does contain a lot of biblical passages in the different books, so it might contain most of the bible in it.

wouldn’t it be nice if our faith (based on GOD’s revelation through JESUS found in the bible) would affect every single part of our lives?

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