lost and found

recently i have developed a habit of losing things while i run. thankfully i have also acquire an uncanny ability to find the things that i have lost. i’ve lost my cell phone a couple of times while running on some of our amazing trails. each time i was sure that i would never find my phone again and each time a mile or two into rerunning the route i found my phone. tonight while riding my bike back from my ride i lost my shorts. i know this sounds strange so i will explain. i wear a biker pad to protect my butt while i ride but i don’t like running in it. so i wear it when i ride my bike to where ever i am running, take it off and place on running short for my run, and then swap back to biker shorts and the pad for my bike ride home. i usually just store the running shorts on my bike rack.

today while riding back home from a run my running shorts apparently blew off my bike rack. i was sure i wouldn’t find them and considered not even going back for them but realized i had placed a $20 in the inside storage pocket awhile back. i didn’t really want to loose the shorts but i definitely didn’t want to loose the $20. so i drove along my route looking at the side of the road the whole time. it was getting dark and the shorts are gray so i was sure that i wouldn’t find them. this is when my new ability came in. i found the shorts about 2 miles away from the house.

while i’m not a big fan of loosing things when i run, i am very glad that i consistently find them when i turn back.