united way "make a difference" day info

here’s the email kaylin received with the final information on the united way “make a difference” day. see you at SPASH saturday.

this weekend is going to be amazing. we have over 748 (75 teams) volunteers signed up. we have over 145 + yards signed up throughout portage county. please read below for some information to help you prepare for this weekend’s event. you should have also received a packet from us with instructions and a roster to complete. we have created links to at the bottom of this message to view the documents included in your mailed packet. *any team registering after october would not have received a mailed packet.

1. this event will take place rain or shine.
2. we would like you come to spash no earlier than 8am and by 9am to get your assignments (unless other arrangements have been made).
3. there will be a pancake breakfast served at this time for volunteers by the emerging leaders of portage county.
4. please come with a team roster filled out (legibly) to expedite the process.
5. we have ordered enough shirts for 650 volunteers, we hope to provide everyone a shirt that would want one and would also ask that your team wear these shirts the day of, take photos and email any photos of your volunteers in action.
6. please as a team leader help us out by coming prepared and only sending one representative to the check in process. if your entire team comes to the check in table with you it will make it very difficult for others to check in.
7. please bring a rake or rakes if you have them. we will have the ability to lend out approximately 150 rakes. consider picking a rake at one of the area stores if you don’t have one so we can do our best to lend rakes to those who are unable to secure them. not every team member will be able to check out a rake. if you are uwsp student you cannot get rakes from uwsp buildings and grounds.
8. gloves, tarps, blowers any item that you feel would help you with your assignments, consider bringing along.

this activity is scheduled until 1 p.m. however given the number of registered teams in relation to the number of yards, volunteer teams will likely finish long before this time. we encourage all teams to see how they may additionally assist the resident. we encourage everyone to slow down while helping these residents, your support often times assist them to remain independent living in their home. our staff do the best we can to match yards to the appropriate team. we continue to find this a challenge, however we work very hard to make matches to the appropriate team in accordance with the information you provided during registration. when you get your assignments, look them over before leaving spash and decide if you think this is too much.

see you at 8am this saturday.

it is going to be awesome working with you guys.