infant baptism

yesterday i had the opportunity to share the good news of the kingdom of GOD with a 13 year old who has been coming to tapestry for awhile. i mention this for two reasons (one sad and the other most definitely not):

  1. this is the first teen i have been able to share the gospel with outside of bible camps since moving up to wisconsin and leaving professional youth ministry. a junior high students approach to faith is fascinating to be a part of. i’ve missed it. this was the sad part.
  2. when this kid is baptized he will be the youngest person baptized within tapestry thus far. in fact, he will be the youngest by at least 6 years. everyone else has been 19 years old or older.

this is unusual because everything i have heard recently is that the average age of baptisms within evangelical churches has gone further and further down (i’ve looked for some articles to link to concerning this but i wasn’t able to find any in my brief search so what i’ve heard could be wrong). one of the reports i heard said younger and younger baptisms had reached the point that some have said that baptists and other evangelicals are often basically baptizing infants, something that goes against most evangelicals’ beliefs. it thrills me that we are basically baptizing adults who have come to faith.

SIDE NOTE – there are two terrells that are curling now. adam has joined the SPASH curling team.