our neighbors

when we moved to wisconsin we were blessed with wonderful neighbors. we’ve actually been very blessed in our lives with our neighbors. we had great neighbors in missouri, louisiana, and now wisconsin (the only exception possibly being our first house in baton rouge which was in a VERY transitory neighborhood and thus during our 10 months there we were never really sure who our neighbors were). anyhow, when we were moving form baton rouge one of our big concerns was whether we would have good neighbors again or not. we were actually told from the guy we were buying the house from that all the neighbors kept to themselves and he didn’t really know anyone. this kind of crushed us but we soon found out that it was a mistake. turns out that the guy we bought our house form was the one who stuck to himself. all the other neighbors knew each other and quickly welcomed us to town. we have fallen in love with our neighborhood here in plover. the people we live around are a ton of fun to talk with.

when we started to paint our house, being neighborly, pam sent an email to some of our nieghbors asking for their advice concerning what colors they thought would look good on our house. the photo below is the color combination that we received from bill and debbie. needless to say we didn’t go with their advice :). I think everyone else is pretty thankful for that.

House- Kapke