painting the house


the forecast says that it is going to be warm this weekend and since it is probably the last weekend of 2010 that will actually be warm in wisconsin this means that i get to paint our home during it. woohoo! the above photo is what the outside of our home presently looks like. the three photos below are the colors we are considering. if you want to help select the colors you are more than welcome to throw your vote in. of course, you are also welcome to help with a brush if you would like to. i’ll be doing this all weekend so just drop in and grab a brush.

House House-2 House-4

SIDE NOTE – as i mentioned a couple of weeks ago tapestry had to move from our single half-sheet bulletin to a folded bulletin. i’ve been putting quotes on the cover and i’m pretty pumped about this week’s quote. it is from deitrich bonhoeffer. here it is.

one act of obedience is better than one hundred sermons.

oh how i love bonhoeffer!

SIDE SIDE NOTE – it’s time for us to start gearing up for advent conspiracy – a way we have joined with many other churches in celebrating the birth of our LORD. it would be awesome to push the limits of how we celebrate CHRISTmas a little further than last year – when we bought a $5,000 well.

JESUS wants