the house of hounds

the dogs

we don’t eat out a lot compared to many of our friends. we eat our own home cooked food most of the time.  however when we do eat out we tend to be creatures of habit. we like local restaurants. this goes for all of the places we eat – from nice restaurants and fast food places – we like local. we tend to eat at the same local places over and over again. some of these are CHRIStian’s bistro, green tea oriental, el patron tex-mex, and marvin’s.

today pam and i both had busy days so we decided to order supper from marvin’s. thursday night is the GCB (garlic cheeseburger) special night at marvin’s. mhmmmm! a GCB, cheese fries, and a drink. that’s tasty eating. the wonderful thing about marvin’s (besides the GCB) is that they deliver. that’s part of their thing, they like to say that they will deliver anywhere. the problem with delivery right now is that because of painting our house we do not presently have any house numbers. therefore, pam spent 10 minutes on the phone explaining how to get to our house. the guy who took our order said that it would probably be about 45 minutes before we would get out food.

15 minutes later our food arrived. marvin’s is typically pretty fast but this was much faster than normal, especially since they are based in stevens point. pam asked the delivery guy how he had gotten here so fast, assuming it would lead to some death defying store of speeding down division street (we love death defying stories). instead, his response was that as soon as they started explaining where the order was supposed to go he realized it was the “house of hounds” and knew exactly where it was. that’s right he has labeled us the “house of hounds.” the delivery guy even knew that one of the hounds must be out back while he was there. he was right, montana was at the moment.

we only order from marvin’s once every 8 weeks or so but we have a nickname. WE’RE THE HOUSE OF HOUNDS AND THIS THRILLS ME! i love our community.