i blame the zombies


i am supposed to be in minnesota right now for the MWBC annual meeting. i was going to be sharing a little bit concerning the cool things that have been happening within tapestry over the past summer. it was going to be a good time because i get to brag on what GOD has been doing within tapestry and see some people that i really like.

like i said i was supposed to be there right now but this morning i apparently turned my alarm clock off rather than hitting snooze button for only 5 more minutes of sleep. instead of waking up at 3:30 a.m. i woke up at 7:15 a.m.   bloomington, minnesota is 4 hours away from point and since 8:30 a.m. was when it all began i realized quickly that i wasn’t going to be there and called to let them know they could start making fun of me. i’m sure they are.

i do have a an excuse that makes me feel a little better. you see, i was pretty tired from saving pam from zombies all night. that is the dream that i remember form the evening of sleep. pam and i were in a mall and i was having to save her from the zombies that were constantly invading the building (this sounds a little familiar doesn’t it?). it was a very tiring night. zombies, while slow and dumb, are very tiresome. you will be excited to know that my weapon of choice was a machete because you never have to reload a machete. i used other weapons to keep the zombie horde at bay but it always came back to the machete.

obviously my dream was probably connected with the uwsp zombie shamble that i watched part of last night. seeing zombies waddle down main street ruined my r.e.m. sleep and cost me the trip to minnesota. so i guess i am really blame the threads you sent me invites to the shamble. thanks guys and girls. 😉