lighter colors please


it is fall in wisconsin and along with cooler weather we have a diminishing amount of light during the day. one of the things that surprised pam and i when we moved to wisconsin was how short the days were during the winter compared to the south. of course, we are spoiled during the summer when it is daylight until almost 10 p.m. yet the summer is over and it is now starting to get dark much earlier. in addition, since point is an incredibly safe area in which to live we don’t have the need for many street lights. therefore, our neighborhood is VERY dark when the sun goes down and the sun is setting earlier and earlier. we are kind of used to this now that is is our 4th fall in wisconsin.

what i am not used to and never will be used to is people walking in the middle of a dark street while wearing dark clothes. i mean really! WALKING RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ROAD WHILE IT IS DARK AND THE WALKER IS WEARING REALLY DARK CLOTHES! why would you do this? i just don’t understand.

a while back we had a lady in stevens point who was arrested for shooting people with a blow dart gun in downtown point. oh yeah we are real proud. anyway, this woman said she shot people with the blow gun because she simply liked to hear people say “ouch.” i kind of think that if she had just been shooting people who wore dark clothes and walked down the middle of dark streets then no one would have seen her actions as a problem. at least, i would have been on her side.

SIDE NOTE – my wonderful wife wrote a great post on the top ten reasons she loves tapestry. i agree with most of her reasons, except for the one about the pastor being “easy on the eyes.” i tend to think the pastor’s wife is the one who is easy on the eyes. here’s her post.

SIDE SIDE NOTE – bama, why did you have to lose?

SIDE SIDE SIDE NOTE – packers, i have the same question for you too.