it was cold but great


last night tapestry had another baptism gathering at iverson park. i love the way we baptize. it’s public (in the middle of the biggest park in the point area) and its a celebration. we always spend a ton of time together and eating as a part of our baptism gathering. it’s what we do and it is a lot of fun.

but last night was a little different. still good and awesome but VERY COLD.

we are in the between time in wisconsin right now. it’s not super cold but it is definitely not warm. however, the plover river in october is not in between anything. it is VERY COLD! i knew it was going to be bad but i was not ready for it to be so cold that my legs were burning. there were three of us in the water (crystal, joe, and i). joe and i were very shaken by how cold it was (joe even compared it to combat training in the marines). crystal didn’t think it was that bad. i think she is part eskimo – it’s the only way i can explain how she wasn’t taken back by the water’s temp.

next baptism gathering we do before april will involve a hot tub because i’m not going into the plover river again without waders until april at the earliest.

it was still a very wonderful ngith.

crystal IMG_0596

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