almost but no cigar

i figured i would calm all of you who have been worried about how i was doing in my march madness bracket. my come back from 7th placed started this past weekend and i have good news and bad news to report. the good news is that i did dramatically pull up in the rankings. the bad news is that i will miss winning the bracket for the first time in three years. no matter who wins tonight (hopefully north carolina will win) sparks will beat me for the lead by ONE POINT. thus i will end in second place. so close yet so far away.

so sparks where do you want to go eat?

beautiful (pictures) mission trip

beautiful feet 2005
please don’t think that i mean to suggest by my entry title that my pictures are beautiful. instead, i’m playing off the name of the church “beautiful feet”. anyways, i’ve setup a photo pool on flickr so that everyone can share their pictures. i’ve placed 43 of mine thus far. you can view them here.

i’lll summarize the trip when i’m a little less tired (maybe tonight). needless to say it was amazing.

SIDE NOTE – if you are already a member of flickr or would like to join flickr then you can join the beautiful feet photo group and add your own pictures.