if JESUS be lifted up

i’m pretty excited about what we are going to try and do this coming sunday. as you may or may not know this coming sunday is earth day. for some reason years ago some evangelical leaders most have gotten together and decided that we CHRISTians aren’t supposed to care about the earth and therefore we have given the whole ecological movement over to others. this means that earth day in baton rouge is mixed up with a random new age labyrinth project (labyrinths aren’t new age – i love them – but the vision behind this project is not CHRIST centered) and metaphysical alternative healing sources (touch therapy, aurora reading, etc. typically there is quite a bit of not necessarily CHRIST-friendly stuff surrounding some earth day celebrations.

when i heard about the events or baton rouge’s earth day on the radio i had a sudden desire to be a part of the event. so i called the contact person and asked if we could be a part of the “alternative healing” booths. the alternative healing section is where you go to learn about different strategies for healing. this means “healing” tecniques such as vibrational therapy, acupuncture, hypnotherapy, healing touch, reiki, herbal remedies, aromatherapy, nikken magnetic therapy. so i aksed the contact lady if we could join the “alternative healing” section of the event. i explained to her was that within the CHRISTian tradition there is a long history of praying for the healing of individuals and washing people’s feet. i asked if we could set up a booth among all the other “healing” booths simply for the purpose of praying for people who ask for it and washing their feet. i promised we wouldn’t try to push anything on anyone and would not ask for or accept donations and that all we wanted to do was praying for people in the name of JESUS asking for their healing.

i seem to remember JESUS saying in scripture that if HE is lifted up that HE will draw all people to HIMSELF. so if we could go and pray for people and thus lift HIM up in the midst of earth day then HE would accomplish something good. we wouldn’t have to be obnoxious or forceful or anything like that for something good to happen. GOD would simply take care of what needed to happen just by us being there to pray for people.

the contact person said she liked the idea and would probably come and let us pray for her but that allowing us to come and do that was not her decision so she would pass it down the line. yesterday i received another call asking more questions. that person’s response was also positive but they said they couldn’t make the final decision. so right now i’m still in limbo waiting and hoping that this sunday we will get to be in the midst of 40,000 people praying for individuals and trusting GOD to be GOD in their lives. i really hope we get to do this.

SIDE NOTE – please don’t read this as an anti-earth day post. i believe GOD created the earth and therefore it is special and sacred and should be taken care of. if i remember right that was the first job given to humanity … to take care of what GOD had created. earth day is pretty cool and most of the people involved have no problem with CHRISTianity. we evangelicals have just dropped the ball on the environment and therefore earth day is not the normal place to find us. it should be though.

they’re wearing what?

i love driving my kids home after school. we always have the best conversations in my truck on our way back home. today we were talking about various normal things on our normal route home when adam said something that freaked me out. he asked one simple question … “dad, why are there men on top of the shenandoah elementary school roof wearing white robes and putting on white hoods?” i slammed on my brakes and screamed “they were wearing what?”

as a group the klu klux klann simply infuriates me. we live in a world that has plenty of evil in it but the k.k.k. is one of the groups that drives me the craziest. to my knowledge i don’t actually know anybody in the k.k.k. and i’ve never had any first hand experience with them but that group just causes my blood to boil. maybe it’s because the first church i ever worked at was a black church. maybe it’s that they take the image of my faith and turn it into an image of hate. maybe it’s the fact that i believe treating someone created in the image of GOD as inferior is one of the worst things you can ever do. whatever the reason the the k.k.k. infuriates me and thus hearing adam’s description of what the people on the roof were wearing i had to do something. i did a “u”ie and headed back to the school to face the vermin.

i’m not real sure what i thought i was going to do. i mean i had my kids with me. really, it’s not like i could have said “leave this place or i’m going to make you leave, only please leave my kids out of this.” of course, i wasn’t thinking real straight. all i knew was that evil was visibly present in my neighborhood and i had to do something about it. i sped back to the school blind with rage. i was so blind in fact that i turned in the wrong direction of the one-way school parking lot. it was in that parking lot that i saw my enemy.

did you know that painters often wear white coveralls and white hats? it appears that shenandoah elementary’s awning is being painted and there are a bunch of painters dressed in white working on the roof. i really don’t think the painters appreciated me yelling at them but i was still blind with rage.