i love flickr. if you are not familiar with flickr let me briefly describe the site. it is simply the best photo blog/sharing site on the internet. it’s a wonderful community within which to be involved in and i love it.

i loved them before but i love them even more after what they have done today. today, they added another year to my pro account that i purchased back in december. they also doubled the photo transfer amount that i had with my pro account and then gave me to “free” pro accounts to give away to friends. flickr has simply been a great experience to be involved in.

things that make you go “hmmm”

i was in a convenience store the other day and saw “pecan patties” for sale on the counter. it reminded me that i really don’t like the word “patty” it’s just on of those words that make me squirm when i hear it and the thought of something edible being called a “patty” just makes it all the worse. some words are just not meant to actually be used.