the view – april 27, 2005

it’s kind of weird how things work out on worship services. tonight we did our service on journeying with GOD. as i discussed in a previous blog entry we setup the whole student center to teach the message. i figured it would take students and adults about 15 minutes to go through what we had setup. the first three people to go through it just walked straight through without considering any of it. truthfully i was hurt and ticked. we had spent allot of time on the whole things and they just blew through it. i’m such an idiot. the remaining people spent 50 minutes going through what was supposed to take 15 minutes at the most. they just kept on praying and praying. it really put me in my place for getting all pouty about the first few people rushing through.

anyways i posted pictures of the night below (it was dark in some rooms so the pictures are kind of grainy) and here’s the powerpoint from the evening.

the crosshandship
refreshmentthe walking labyrinth