i’m thinking about podcasting the music and messages from the view. before i start learning about how to do this i figured i would ask if anyone would be interested in my doing this. so is anyone interested? podcasting is the audio equivalent of tivo. it allows you to automatically download audio off the internet (such as the recordings of the view) and transfer that audio to the mp3 player of your choice (or simply keep it on your computer).

second again

i know i predicted this yesterday but i figured i would go ahead and make it official since the game last night … i got second in our “march madness” bracket competition with sparks getting first place by 1 point. here are the results:

    steven sparks – 249 – 38 games correct
    me – 248 – 37 games correct
    eddie hirst – 247 – 36 games correct
    sam jones – 237 – 36 games correct
    stephen ware- 237 – 35 games correct
    stephen miller – 220 – 36 games correct
    t lusk – 219 – 34 games correct
    kevin lee – 189 – 34 games correct
    blake wallace – 168 – 31 games correct