julius caeser?

julius caesar?
while i was up at church today printing directions to get to sherwood baptist church i went to the bathroom only to run into the above scene. these guys from parkview high school were filming in the bathroom – something i thought was very odd. they told me that they were filming a remake of william shakespeare’s “julius caeser”. this was the scene where the senate meets together to discuss killing caeser. i thought the whole thing was quite funny. my personal favorite is the guy in the sombrero and mask.

thanks for the invite

fca crawfish boil - laurafca crawfish boil - lauren
laura & lauren invited me to come speak at a crawfish boil that their f.c.a. was putting on. ultimately they decided that they didn’t really need a speaker for the event but i still got to eat crawfish. so anytime any of your school’s have a crawfish boil and you need someone to just show up and eat “mud bugs” let me know. i will be glad to help.

summer calendar backgorund

summer mine copy
here’s my first attempt at using photoshop to create a background for our summer calendar. the photo was mine so i don’t even have to pay for that. i think i’m going to have to goof off with some other photos but i do love the idea of using a “pineapple” within the calendar because it is a traditional symbol of welcome.


the past two years i have gotten the graphic background for our summer calendar from sarti design and i’ve been real please with them. i would just buy their “elements” package for the summer calendar background and consider the rest of the images “gravy.” the problem this year is that sarti doesn’t have a new “elements” package out and thus no new summer calendar image.

this left me with three options:

    1) use an old image
    2) track now another graphic design company that sells cheap images
    3) learn enough adobe photoshop to do my own

i chose option number three and i have been working on images try to get one a like. i’ll post them when i am finally satisfied with one or two of them. it hasn’t really been as hard as i would have thought that it would have been, but of course, i’m not finished yet.


sorry for not posting the past several days. it’s just that life has been busy (excuse me montana just spent 15 minutes licking my face – argh! dog breath – being a basset hound she may be small in statue but at 50 pounds of weight she can still be quite forceful. where was i?) anyhow allot has been going on and i’ve been pretty tired when i’ve gotten home and thus pretty much gone to sleep. i’m actually about to leave again. the family and i are going to the red stick animation festival to learn all about animation and then i’m speaking at a crawfish boil for baton rouge high and joining back up with the fam for more animation. it should be a fun evening.

the family went to see parkview high school’s rendition of grease last night. it was quite good and i was really proud of all the youth from the parkview youth ministry who were in it. i love going to see our kids in plays, sports, band thingys, dances, etc.

i’ll write something more substantive when i actually have time. i’ll also post some information concerning “global encounter” and our summer plans. summer calendars should be out next week.