i’m a dancing machine, dancing machine, watch me get down, watch me get down, with a toot, toot, toot, toot, toot, watch me get down!

barnes and noblei’m very excited over the fact that i’m going to get the chance to go to philadelphia in october and spend some time with the folks at the simple way. the simple way is a church that is based on the concept of community. many of the folks at the simple way live together at the church, work together, and all of them are consciously involved in each other’s lives during the week. it’s a new type of monasticism. ever since i heard the story of the beginning of their church (it’s an incredible story that i will try to link to if i can find it) i’ve been wanting to spend some time getting to know the folks at the simple way. now i’ll get that chance.

so i have my wife’s consent (she wouldn’t call it “consent” but i do), i have the time on the church calendar, and i think i’ll have the money necessary to get to phillie. now i just have to wait for the time and do some reading preparing to enter into a discourse with them. i can’t wait.

on a family note i would like to report that i love my boys. saturday i took them to barnes and noble to buy some new reading material. while there we all went to the kids section for a little while (i have to admit that i love children’s literature and i love the children’s section of barnes and noble). there’s a small stage in the children’s area. a stage is all my children need. they immediately jumped up on the stage and began dancing. right there in the middle of the book store my boys put on a chorus line show. it was great.


“fred” the name of my ipod (truthfully the name of most anything that i have ever named that doesn’t breathe) arrived today. i have charged it, loaded it and now i am listening to it off and on (technically i’m watching 24 right now – the greatest show presently on television – but i will start listening to “fred” again as soon as the show is over). you may all rest easy now.