the ministry of powerpoint

the graduation announcement
seven years ago i became involved in my first youth oriented worship service. this was when i was in carthage, missouri and i really didn’t want to do it at the time. it was suggested by a church member who i respected and i did it mainly just because he felt strongly about it. we structured the service as a worship service as just another worship service only with a slightly different flavor. thus it was for everyone rather than just for teens. it was a different approach to worship rather than a truly alternative youth only worship service. of course, this post is not really about a discussion concerning separate youth worship services (which i’m not really a fan of).

nope this post is about a graduation announcement that i received this week. one of my teens from carthage is graduating college in may. he sent me a graduation announcement and on the bottom wrote “i thought you’d like to see what that kid you taught to run sound is up to these days. thanks for giving me a start. daniel” daniel was the first person i ever taught to run sound and a/v equipment. every sunday he was there helping set up and get ready for the service and then helping to tear it all down again after the service. for three years we worked together. turns out that the kid had a real passion for it and decided that it was the profession that he wanted to train for and follow. so in may daniel will be graduating with a degree in mass media studies for the purpose of working with a/v equipment.

who knew that running sound and powerpoint for that little service would start off a career?

ipod update

i know that many of you are worried about the status of the ipod i ordered on the 8th – thus i continually update you on it’s status. i am glad to inform you that at this moment my little white palm sized, soon to be friend is either in kenner, louisiana or memphis, tennessee. the reason i say “either” is because the fedex tracking of the shipment records that on april 9th my little ipodish buddy arrived in memphis from indianapolis. the tracking statement then records that the ipod left and arrived in kenner, louisiana, a city about forty minutes from baton rouge. unfortunately, this is where it gets confusing. the next entry on the tracking detail records that my little white plastic mp3 friend arrived at the fedex sorting facility in memphis, tennessee earlier today. thus i am now at a point of not knowing where my soon to be friend is. he could be very close (kenner) or not so close (memphis). i just don’t know. don’t worry i’ll keep you updated on the status of the ipod. just remember – don’t panic.

ahead of the curve?

i know that i’m not ahead of the technology curve for the rest of the world but apparently i am for baton rouge, louisiana (which isn’t saying much). nobody i have talked to about podcasting has had the slightest idea what it was. this includes our church computer guy. when i realized how easy podcasting was i thought it would be a great idea for the church worship services (which we put on the net in an mp3 format). i went to discuss the idea with rob (the computer guy) and he didn’t have the smallest idea of what i was talking about.

i’m not sure if this means that we are ahead of the curve for the area or if our church is simply that far behind the times.