this has been around for awhile now and thus many of you have probably seen it already but amaztype is incredible. i’ve goofed off with it before but i finally put it to use for a graphic for a powerpoint presentation and it looks wonderful. i first heard about it from youthblog.

you put in any word you want and the website makes a flash image of the word out of book covers that contain the word. you can then click on any of the book covers and it will give you the information on the book. of course, you can also just take a screen shot of the word and convert it into an image for use in anything you want.

in this case, it is the title for our worship service tomorrow night.

typogenerator does basically the same thing using any phrase you type in and composing an image from various images it finds from google images. here’s an image i made with “typogenerator” from the phrase “not all who wander are lost.”