i haven’t quite finished it yet but after reading most of ron sider’sthe scandal of the evangelical conscience” i have to say that it is an incredible book. i’ve really been challenged by what i have read. it’s a strong call for CHRISTians to live the dramatic call of CHRIST within the real world.

ron sider is the founder of the evangelicals for social action and is a strong voice for social justice within the CHRISTian community.

i’ve also started reading “GOD’s politics : why the right gets It wrong and the left doesn’t get it” by jim wallis, the editor in chief of sojourners, and though i have only finished the first chapter within it i have been very impressed with it.

the annual church crawfish boil was today and as usual it was allot of fun. it was at least nice that the church staff won the annual church staff versus church deacons softball game. usually the deacons bring in a few “ringers” to kill us. i think the only reason we won was because the deacons were missing their “ringers.” of course, i’m okay with that because it still counts as a win.