up, nope not anymore, oh yeah it’s working, nope, sorry about that …

my domain name expired (jessica, the youth assistant, and i are both certain a check was sent in months ago but that is research for monday) and has just been renewed. this means that the whole youth ministry site was down for a few days. the domain name cam back up today but for some reason the site has been acting weird. anyway, if you are reading this now it means you hit the blog during one of it’s good periods. we’ll see what happens over the next few hours.

on the podcasting front i have setup a blogger site for purposes of establishing a feed to the recordings from “the view”. “podcasting” is pretty cool. here’s how it works just in case you’re not familiar with it. first you install a podcasting aggregator (software that receives and automatically downloads the audiio for you – i’m using ipodder right now). within the aggregating software subscribe to the podcast’s site feed (ours is “http://feeds.feedburner.com/ViewPodcast”). the aggregator will now automatically download audio as it is placed on the site and if you desire store that audio on your mp3 player. i think the whole thing is pretty cool. right now i only have the audio from the march 16, 2005 service. more will go up on the site soon.

with this said i thought i would add that i ordered an ipod yesterday. it should be in baton rouge on the 13th. i’m pretty excited about the whole thing. again i most >proclaim how wonderful my wife is.

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