ipod update

i know that many of you are worried about the status of the ipod i ordered on the 8th – thus i continually update you on it’s status. i am glad to inform you that at this moment my little white palm sized, soon to be friend is either in kenner, louisiana or memphis, tennessee. the reason i say “either” is because the fedex tracking of the shipment records that on april 9th my little ipodish buddy arrived in memphis from indianapolis. the tracking statement then records that the ipod left and arrived in kenner, louisiana, a city about forty minutes from baton rouge. unfortunately, this is where it gets confusing. the next entry on the tracking detail records that my little white plastic mp3 friend arrived at the fedex sorting facility in memphis, tennessee earlier today. thus i am now at a point of not knowing where my soon to be friend is. he could be very close (kenner) or not so close (memphis). i just don’t know. don’t worry i’ll keep you updated on the status of the ipod. just remember – don’t panic.

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