the view – april 13, 2005

wednesday night at the view we shared stories of our visit with our friends at the beautiful feet church of fort worth, texas. we told these stories from two places in the back that had been set up to convey some of the meaning we experienced. so much of what we experienced at beautiful feet was about the restoration of lives and the junk that we humans need to be “saved” from. so we set up two stations for people to speak from. first was a station that was composed of “junk” – many of the people who went to beautiful feet went to this station to express the junk that they realized was in their lives and the junk that they had seen there that was separating people from GOD. the second station was a station of restoration and it had physical reminders of some of the physical work that we have seen done at beautiful feet – many people went to this station to talk about the change that they saw GOD make in their own lives and other people’s lives.

overall, it was a cool night. i loved hearing the kids and adults talk with such depth. they weren’t saying “oh it made me thankful for all i have”. no they came away saying “the homeless men and women were just like me – they had the same needs that i do.” it was great.

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