family guy

awhile back for a variety of reasons my family and i decided to get rid of all but the most basic cable package. we now only have abc, nbc, cbs, fox, upn, pbs, and wgn (along with 7 or 8 home shopping and public service stations). this means that if a show is not on a major network i simply can’t see it until it reaches dvd. i’ve seen a few rereuns of the family guy but i’ve never been able to see many of the episodes. yet so many of the people i hang around with talk non-stop about the show. they say it is better than “the simpsons“. i found that statement hard to believe so i decided to rent one of the dvds and watch the show.

so now i have watched the dvd. while i think it is a funny show i would by no means compare it to “the simpsons.” it’s simply not in the same category. “the family guy” is a good, funny show. “the simpsons” is the greatest animated show ever and one of the best televisions shows ever. that’s the difference between the two.

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