sorry for not posting the past several days. it’s just that life has been busy (excuse me montana just spent 15 minutes licking my face – argh! dog breath – being a basset hound she may be small in statue but at 50 pounds of weight she can still be quite forceful. where was i?) anyhow allot has been going on and i’ve been pretty tired when i’ve gotten home and thus pretty much gone to sleep. i’m actually about to leave again. the family and i are going to the red stick animation festival to learn all about animation and then i’m speaking at a crawfish boil for baton rouge high and joining back up with the fam for more animation. it should be a fun evening.

the family went to see parkview high school’s rendition of grease last night. it was quite good and i was really proud of all the youth from the parkview youth ministry who were in it. i love going to see our kids in plays, sports, band thingys, dances, etc.

i’ll write something more substantive when i actually have time. i’ll also post some information concerning “global encounter” and our summer plans. summer calendars should be out next week.

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